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What Is Send A Legal Letter? 


Effective Communications Backed by the

Power of Legal Research

Send a LegalLetter offers custom legal and business letters at affordable prices for individuals and small businesses.  Give us the facts of your dispute or situation and we will turn it into professionally researched and written correspondence.  Assert your rights with Send a Legal Letter’s laser sharp and persuasive writing customized for you. 

What We Do

What Does Send A Legal Letter Do?

Send a Legal Letter creates custom legal and business letters for individuals and small businesses.  Tell us the facts of your problem or dispute and we will turn it into professionally written correspondence, whether it is to obtain a refund for a defective product, repair or replace a product, notify the other party that it has violated your rights or simply to respond to correspondence.  Send a Legal Letter can tackle a variety of subject matters, such as contract and consumer disputes, landlord-tenant relations, general real estate matters and insurance matters. 

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Send a Legal Letter will provide a letter in both PDF and editable word format.  We do the necessary research and writing.  You or your representative sign the letter and are free to edit it as you choose. 

How Does Send A Legal Letter Help Resolve My Issue?

When you have a problem or dispute that doesn’t seem like it can be resolved by informal discussion, Send a Legal Letter may help avoid a costly and protracted lawsuit with an uncertain outcome.  At the very least, a carefully researched and written communication will let the other party know that you are serious and establish a solid basis for your position.    

How Does It Resolve Issues?
Shouldn't I Hire A Law Firm?

Why Shouldn’t I Hire A Law Firm To Write A Letter For Me?

We never advise against seeking the services of a qualified law firm.  Send a Legal Letter reviews all of the relevant facts of your dispute or problem, conducts legal research as may be applicable and drafts polished, professional letters for a much lower cost than most law firms.  Send a Legal Letter keeps its overhead low and passes the savings on to you the customer.           

What We Don’t Do

Send a Legal Letter is not a law firm.  Our letters are for civil (non-criminal) matters only.  After reviewing the facts of your matter, if we conclude that we cannot assist you, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible and if feasible, suggest possible resources for you to pursue.  There is no charge for this service. 

We depend on you the customer to provide us with an accurate and complete statement of facts with any supporting documents.  

Send a Legal Letter will be firm and direct but will not:


  • Make statements from information provided to us known or suspected to be untrue;

  • Make exaggerated claims;

  • Harass or inappropriately threaten the other party;

  • Use inappropriate language; and

  • Write letters or do anything that in our opinion would be illegal or unethical.

Nasty, unsubstantiated letters are more likely to cause the other party to dig its heels in and refuse to consider a reasonable resolution.  Firm, direct and professional writing usually works best.  This is Send a Legal Letter’s approach.

What We Don't Do

Send A Legal Letter Process

Send a Legal Letter

Process Customer information

Dispute with an individual or business

Customer application: narrative + supporting docs

Determine type of matter (e.g., contract, real estate, employment)

Review basic facts: documents and verbal discussion as needed

Send a Legal Letter

Process Evaluation, research and drafting

Review and evaluate supplemental documents and other materials; verify matter is not in litigation

Research applicable law

Confirm order or advise customer 

Draft and deliver letter to customer

Send a legal Letter Process
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